About Us

A Brief Introduction

Established in 2015, our firm has quickly evolved into a reputable player in the financial services industry. With a foundation built on in-depth knowledge, understanding, and vast experience in the Indian financial environment, we navigate the intricacies, practices, and regulations that define the Indian financial system.

Serving a diverse client profile, we cater to a range of industries and sectors. Over the past decade, we have fostered a highly satisfied pool of clients.

We believe in:

  • To deliver the quality deliverables at any cost.
  • Tailoring our services to client needs
  • Be passionate in solving the difficult problems of the clients
  • To provide innovative ideas to the clients
  • To keep utmost confidentiality
  • To make our partners the most relaxed one in area of compliances


We aim to build a dynamic services organisation primarily driven by knowledge, quality at the core, excellence in our approach, and our people and culture. We endeavour to provide the quality embedded services with a client-centric approach, maintaining the highest ethical standards. We focus on maximising value to our clients, while aspiring to treasure at every stage the personal relationships that we create in this process.


To be high quality trusted advisors for our clients and create an environment that challenges and helps develop our people as they embark on a successful career in the organisation based on merit.


At ARK & Co, we are committed to the highest ethical standards. Our business decisions, policies, communication practices and employee actions are based on sound ethical principles. We believe in fair dealings and honest & complete communication with our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

At ARK & Co, we are focussed on providing consistently high-quality service delivery to meet the growing requirements of our clients. This is achieved through the demanding client service standards that our Partners and employees are required to meet through every engagement undertaken. We put in our best resources to every assignment that we work on, aiming to deliver excellence, quality and value to all our clients.

Our integrity and conviction serve as guides to how we conduct ourselves and our business every day. We recognize that we hold the trust of our clients, colleagues, coprofessionals, regulators and society at large.

At ARK & Co, we value the spirit of professionalism, commitment, perspective, and direction. We encourage each other by creating an environment that promotes teamwork, innovation, and constant evaluation of ourselves.

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